How A Personal Matchmaker Can Help Singles Find Love.

This arises in the mind of every single who is looking out for somebody to fill the empty space in his/ her life. Love, is a beautiful feeling and many people who had never fallen in love, eagerly wait for the moment when somebody will enter into their life and then there will be no end to hearts and valentines, boxes of chocolates and sexy lingerie and warm and fuzzy feeling one gets when he/ she meet that special someone.


So how can a matchmaker help you to meet that person?


The Matchmaker Advantage

With real estate brokers to find houses, and recruiters to find new jobs, Matchmakers provides the dating edge. Matchmakers screen and select quality matches from thousands of profiles to satisfy each member’s needs.
No computer could do this alone - that’s what makes an online Matchmaker so successful. Providing a human touch to online dating, we reduce the frustration and time spent browsing through unverified profiles.

Online matchmaking believes with the help of a professional matchmaker,  singles can maximize their dating experiences:


JRetroMatch is a Jewish dating service with this type of online matchmaking service, and helps Jewish singles find love.  The service:


Has over 280 matchmakers doing the legwork for our Jewish singles
Protects members’ privacy by only showing suitable profiles to the most appropriate potential matches
Promotes honesty by verifying information and photos
Offers personalized interviews and ongoing consultation for each JRetroMatch member with an expert Jewish matchmaker.


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A matchmaker takes the feedback from both the parties after each mach regarding compatibility and suitability. Matchmakers are efficient as they are better informed.